Man pages for mnwright/simpleRF
Random Forests with emphasis on simplicity

as.bitvectNumber to bit vector
cor.orderOrder factor levels with correlation approach
Data-classData class
Forest-classForest class
ForestClassification-classClassification forest class
ForestProbability-classProbability forest class
ForestRegression-classRegression forest class
ForestSurvival-classSurvival forest class
pc.orderOrder factor levels with PCA approach
reorder.factor.columnsReorder factor columns
Tree-classTree class
TreeClassification-classClassification tree class
TreeProbability-classProbability tree class
TreeRegression-classRegression tree class
TreeSurvival-classSurvival tree class
which.max.randomIndex of maximum with random ties
which.min.randomIndex of minimum with random ties
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