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Tidyverse-Friendly Introductory Linear Regression

bowlA sampling bowl of red and white balls
bowl_sample_1Tactile sample of size 50 from a bowl of balls
bowl_samplesSampling from a bowl of balls
DD_vs_SBDunkin Donuts vs Starbucks
evalsTeaching evaluations at the UT Austin
geom_parallel_slopesParallel slopes model
get_correlationGet correlation value in a tidy way
get_regression_pointsGet regression points
get_regression_summariesGet regression summary values
get_regression_tableGet regression table
gg_parallel_slopesPlot parallel slopes model
house_pricesHouse Sales in King County, USA
MA_schoolsMassachusetts Public High Schools Data
moderndivemoderndive - Tidyverse-Friendly Introductory Linear...
movies_sampleRandom sample of 68 action and romance movies
mythbusters_yawnData from Mythbusters' study on contagiousness of yawning
orig_pennies_sampleA random sample of 40 pennies sampled from the 'pennies' data...
penniesA population of 800 pennies sampled in 2011
pennies_resamplesBootstrap resamples of a sample of 50 pennies
pennies_sampleA sample of 50 pennies
pipePipe operator
promotionsBank manager recommendations based on (binary) gender
promotions_shuffledOne permutation/shuffle of promotions
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
tactile_prop_redTactile sampling from a tub of balls
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