Man pages for moj-analytical-services/s3tools
Tools to help explore s3

accessible_bucketsGet a vector of the buckets (base folders) which the user has...
download_file_from_s3Download a file from s3 to somewhere in your home directory
get_credentialsGet AWS credentials
is.credentialsIs the object an AWS credentials object?
is.refreshable_credentialsIs the object a refreshable AWS credentials object?
list_files_in_bucketsReturn a dataframe of accessable files, including full path...
read_usingRead from S3 using a particular function
refreshRefresh AWS credentials
refresh.credentialsRefresh AWS credentials
refresh.refreshable_credentialsRefresh AWS credentials
s3_dirA directory function for s3 Returns the contents of the given...
s3_path_to_dfRead data from s3 with automatic processing
s3_path_to_full_dfRead a full file from S3, using the full path to the file...
s3_path_to_preview_dfPreview the first 5 rows of a file from S3, using the full...
set_aws_credentials_env_varsSet AWS credentials env vars from credentials object
write_df_to_csv_in_s3Write an in-memory dataframe to a csv file stored in S3
write_file_to_s3Write a file to s3
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