Man pages for momeara/data_repo
Load bioinformatics datasets into a local database

create_schemaCreate a schema in the pantry
date_codecreate date code of the form YYMMDD inputs: d (optional):...
drop_schemaDrop a schema from the pantry
drop_tableDrop a table
get_pantryAttach to the pantry database, optionally using a schema. If...
get_pantry_configGet and check login information for Postgres database
get_schemaAlias for get_search_path
get_schemasGet all available schemas
get_search_pathGet the search path for looking for namespaces
get_staging_directoryGet the staging directory for the given dataset
get_tablesGet all tables in the active schema or search path
make_symmetricmake a dataset symmetric
schema_tblIdentify a table qualified by a schema. This works around...
set_schemaSet a schema as the active schema
summarize_mapDiagnostics for messy joins
test_distincttest distinct rows e.g. for testing for network loops
test_is_symmetrictest if the columns names(ids) are symmetric to the columns...
test_null_counttest number null
test_null_fractest fraction null
uniprot_entry_web_lookupGet lookup info for given uniprot entries one at a time
uniprot_taxaGet all taxa below a given ancestor taxa
uniprot_web_lookupGet lookup info for given uniprot accessions one at a time
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