Man pages for moreno-betancur/survMCOD
Survival analysis with multiple causes of death

atriskFunction to get at-risk indicators
check.survMCODProduce plots to check convergence of multiple-cause model
cumhazinvInverse of the total cumulative hazard in simulation model
getEntryFunction to get entry indicators
getExitFunction to get exit indicators
hessHessian matrix as a function of (xi,rho,phi)
loglikLoglikelihood L as a function of (xi,rho,phi) to get starting...
loglikoptLoglikelihood L as a function of (rho,phi) only, with xi...
logliksteroptLoglikelihood L* as a function of xi only, with rho and phi...
simMCODSimulate survival data with multiple causes of death
statNon-parametric estimator of log-ratio of the baseline hazards
SurvMCreate a multiple-cause survival object
survMCODFit Cox regression models for multiple cause-of-death data
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