Man pages for mountainMath/cancensusHelpers
Helper functions for Cancensus

common_ctsAggregate variables to common cts, returns data2 on new...
csv2sqliteconvert csv to sqlite from...
detail_labelsAssigns long labels
ensure_local_statcan_xtabDownload csv xtab data from url
find_cov_variablesConvenience function to serach for census variable
geom_wafflewaffle geometry for ggplot
get_age_dataReturns dataset with age data for the specified region
get_cov_census_dataload and parse census data for a given year
get_ecumene_2016Get 2016 population ecumene data
get_multi_header_xtabread in beyond20/20 export of statcan xtab into tidy...
get_old_toronto_dataGet variables for CTs making up Old Toronto
get_shapefiledownload zipped shapefile and read shapefile.
get_unique_values_for_fieldGet unique values for field
get_vector_tilesGet vector tile data, expects option variable nextzen_API_key...
helloHello, World!
install_python_environmentSet up virtual conda env
map_themehelper for clean map theme for sf
name_flipswap names and values in named vector
parse_geography_fromparse geography name column from beyond20/20 export˚
paste_vectorconvert vector to string to be pasted into code
sfc_as_colsAdd lat long coordiantes from geometry
simpleCacheSimple key-value cache function accepting closures
standardize_xtabget xtab in long form
to_named_vectorturn two columns of a tibble into a named vector
waffle_tilegenerate data for waffle plots'
xml_census_2001_profileDownload xml xtab data from url, tag with code for caching...
xml_to_csvUse python to parse xml
xml_via_pythonDownload xml xtab data from url, tag with code for caching...
xml_xtab_forDownload xml xtab data from url, tag with code for caching...
xtab_forDownload csv xtab data from url, tag with code for caching
xtab_path_for_codecache path for statcan data with given code
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