Man pages for mpascariu/LinearLink
Indirect Estimation Methods for Measurement of Demographic Indicators

bifitCompute WLS using Tukey's biweight function
check.LinearLink.inputCheck consistency in input arguments
check.wilmoth.inputCheck wilmoth arguments to optimize a life table fitted mx that determines the case/problem we have to solve It...
fitw_LSEEstimate bx using least square method and vx with SVD
fitw_MLE# Estimate bx, vx and k with Poisson Likelihood Method
head_tailSummary function - display head and tail in a single...
HMD4mxDeath Rates for Female Populations in England and Wales,...
HMD719719 Life Tables from HMD
LinearLinkFit the Linear-Link Model
LinearLinkLTEstimate LinearLink Life Table
LSEfitFind the Least Squares Fit
lthat.logquadEstimated life table using the log-quadratic model
MortalityEstimateImport Packages and Functions
mx_qxConvert 'mx' into 'qx' and viceversa.
print.MortalityEstimateDataPrint function for HMD4mx data
print.wilmothPrint function for wilmoth
rotate_vxCompute Rotated vx Coefficients
summary.wilmothSummary for wilmoth
Update.alphaUpdate alpha
Update.kUpdate k
Update.vxUpdate vx
wilmothFit the Log-Quadratic Model
wilmoth.controlAuxiliary for Controlling 'wilmoth' Fitting.
wilmothLTEstimate Wilmoth Model Life Table
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