Man pages for mpascariu/MortalityGaps
The Double-Gap Life Expectancy Forecasting Model

bp_gap.modelTime series model for the best-practice gap
compute_CIFunction to generate correlated prediction intervals from a...
DoubleGapFit the Double-Gap Life Expectancy Forecasting Model
find_fitted_valuesFind the fitted values of the Double-Gap model
find_observed_valuesFind the observed values (from input data). Format.
find_record_exFind record life expectancy at age x given a set of life...
find_tauFunction to find the value of tau
MortalityGapsMortalityGaps: The Double-Gap Life Expectancy Forecasting...
MortalityGaps.dataDATA - for testing purposes
plot.predict.DoubleGapGeneric Plot Function for Class predict.DoubleGap
predict.DoubleGapGeneric Predict Function for Class 'DoubleGap'
prepare_dataThe role of this function is to prepare data in such a way...
prepare_data_for_predictionPrepare additional data in order to perform predictions
print.DoubleGapPrint DoubleGap
print.MortalityGaps.dataPrint function for HMD4mx data
print.predict.DoubleGapPrint function for predict.DoubleGap
print.summary.DoubleGapPrint summary
sex_gap.modelFit sex-gap model. This is a modified version of the Raftery...
summary.DoubleGapSummary DoubleGap
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