Man pages for mpascariu/pclm
Penalized Composite Link Model for Efficient Estimation of Smooth Distributions from Coarsely Binned Data

build_B_spline_basisConstruct B-spline basis This is an internal function which...
build_C_matrixBuild Composition Matrices
build_P_matrixConstruct Penalty Matrix
create.artificial.binCreate an additional bin with a small value at the end....
delete.artificial.binDelete from results the last group added artificially in pclm...
fracExtract Fractional Part of a Number
map.binsMap groups and borders
optimize_par1DOptimize Smoothing Parameters
optimize_par2DOptimize Smoothing Parameters This function optimize searches...
pclmUnivariate Penalized Composite Link Model (PCLM)
pclm2DTwo-Dimensional Penalized Composite Link Model (PCLM-2D)
pclm2D.controlAuxiliary for Controlling 'pclm2D' Fitting
pclm.confidenceCompute Standard Errors and Confidence Intervals
pclm.controlAuxiliary for Controlling 'pclm' Fitting
pclm.fitFit PCLM Models
pclm.input.checkValidate input values
plot.pclmGeneric Plot for pclm Class
plot.pclm2DGeneric Plot for pclm2D Class
print.pclmPrint for pclm method
print.pclm2DPrint method for pclm2D
print.summary.pclmPrint for summary.pclm method
print.summary.pclm2DPrint method for summary.pclm2D
print.ungroup.dataPrint function for ''
seqlastSequence function with last value
suggest.valid.out.stepSuggest values of 'out.step' that do not require an...
summary.pclmSummary for pclm method
summary.pclm2DSummary method for pclm2D Generic function used to produce...
ungroup.dataTest Dataset in the Package
validate.nlastCheck if 'nlast' needs to be adjusted in order to accommodate...
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