Man pages for mpio-be/SNB2
Smart Nest-box Data Management

assign_direction_v1Assign direction to different pieces of activity
assign_direction_v2Assign direction to different pieces of activity
box_activityBox activity
boxes3 digits box list
butlerSNB butler
calcTimeInside_v2Helper function for function checkIn_v2
card_format_statusChecks inserted SD cards.
card_prepare_statusChecks inserted SD cards.
cardReaderFinds attached card reader devices (a wrapper to lsblk)
char2dateExtract date
checkIn_v2Assemble the data for comparing SNB and video data by unit of...
combine_front_v2Groups FRONTs that are close in time.
concat_events_v1Combind ins and outs to events
concat_events_v2Groups activity that belongs together.
data_dirsList all data directories
dbqSNBquery raw data, all b_ tables at once
demo_setupInstalls a demo system
diagnose_pull_v2Diagnose directory of one pull (i.e. a directory)
diagnose_raw_txt_v2Output diagnostics on raw SNB files (v2)
evaPipeline function to extract events
events_v1Fetch events data for SNB version _v1
events_v2Pipeline function to extract events
fetch_data_v1Fetch data from database
fetch_data_v2Fetch data from databases
fetch_ins_outs_v1Split data into different pieces of activity for SNB data...
fetch_ins_outs_v2Split data into different pieces of activity
file_copy_statusChecks inserted SD cards.
find_installedFind if an external software is installed
force.tzforce timezones.
format2vfatFormat card
harwareIDshardwareIDs table
hwidExtract hardware ID.
int2bBox names conversions
na.replacereplace NAs
path2yearyear from file path
read.boxnumberlooks up the box number
read_boxtxtread SNB data
readRaw_v2Read raw
read_sf_dirread SF directory
read_sf_txtread Smart Feeder files
scard_cleanerRemove data (overwrite using an empty file several times) and...
sdcard_formatFormat SD cards
sdcard_preparePrepare SD cards
sdcard_uploaderCopy SD cards content to repository
SNB2Smart Box Data management
snbstring2date_v2Extract date
SNBvsVid_v2Pipeline function to compare video and SNB data
system_statussystem screening: looks up all the relevant system settings
tetrtest transponders
translate_validity_v2Simplify direction of activity
videoEvaluation_v2Load and assemble much of the data for video validation
videoTimeCheck_v2Prepare the video data for comparison with SNB data by unit...
well_formated_directoryCheck the raw data directory
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