Man pages for mpio-be/rangeMapper
A Platform for the Study of Macro-Ecology of Life History Traits data.table to rmap.frame
assemblageFetchRetrieves the species set of an arbitrary canvas cell
bio.saveImport 'BIO' tables to a 'rangeMapper' project.
canvas.saveProject's canvas
global.bbox.saveGlobal bounding box
gridSize.saveSave or retrieve the grid size from an 'rangeMapper' project.
metadata.updateUpdates metadata table
palette_rangemapA few color palettes
plot-rmap.frame-missing-methodPlot a rmap.frame
plot-SpatialPixelsRangeMap-missing-methodPlot a SpatialPixelsRangeMap
ramp*ra*nge *m*apper *p*ipe line.
rangeFetchrangeFetch Range extractor
rangeMap.exportExport 'MAP' tables
rangeMapperrangeMapper: A platform for the study of macroecology of life...
rangeMapProjInforangeMap file info
rangeMap.saveSave, retrieve and export maps.
rangeMap.startInitiate/open a new rangeMapper project
rangeTraitsA container of functions to apply on a 'SpatialPolygons'...
rm.rangeMapperRemove tables from a give project
selectShpFilesSelect (recursively) shape files
tables-methodsMethod tables
tables-SQLiteConnection-methodTables and column names of an sqlite db
theme_rangemapggplot theme
View_rmaprangeMapper browser
WKT2SpatialPolygonsDataFrameConvert WKT polygons to SpatialPolygonsDataFrame
wrensLife history data of the New World Wrens
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