Man pages for mrc-ide/context
Contexts for evaluating R expressions

bulk_prepare_expressionPrepare many expressions
bulk_task_saveSave bulk tasks
context_listList save contexts
context_loadLoad a context
context_logStart and stop log
context_readRead a context
context_root_getFind context root
context_saveSave a context
last_loaded_contextReturn last loaded context
parallel_clusterStart a sub-cluster
prepare_expressionPrepare expression
provision_contextProvision a context
restore_localsRestore locals
taskSave and reload tasks
task_context_idFind context for a task
task_deleteDelete a task
task_existsList tasks
task_exprFetch task expression
task_function_nameFetch task function name
task_logReturn task log
task_resultFetch task result
task_runRun a task
task_statusTask status
task_timesFetch task times
write_context_scriptWrite context-using script
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