Man pages for mrdwab/SOfun
Functions From Answers to R Questions on Stack Overflow

adjCombosCreate Adjacent Combinations, Varying Length
almostCompleteSubset a 'data.frame' by Completeness of Rows or Columns
arrayExtractorExtracting Information from an Array
CharNumSplitSplit Vectors in the Form of Numbers+Characters or...
clcClear your workspace
col_flattenFlatten List Columns into a Wide or Long Form
completeVecsExtract the 'complete.cases' for a Set of Vectors
dailyCalendarCreates a Calendar in R
DiagExtract the Values at the Diagonal of a Matrix
dist2dfConverts a Distance Matrix to a data.frame
dupe_threshFilters a Vector According to Number of Duplicates
FactorFactor Vectors with Multiple Levels
findFirstFind the First, Second, n Non-sequential Position of a Value...
ftable2dtConvert an 'ftable' or an 'array' Object to a 'data.table'
fwf2csvCreates a CSV Representation of Data Accoding to Stacks of...
getMyRowsGet Rows Before and After a Specific Value or Rowname
GroupedMedianCalculate the Median of Already Grouped Data
helpExtractExtract Portions from R Help Files for Use in Documents
lengthenerLengthens a Dataset by Combination of Columns
letterRep"Wrap" the 'letters' Constant
list_unlisterUnlists Columns of Lists by Combinations of Values
makemeNARecode Certain Values in a 'data.frame' into 'NA'
mc_tribbleLike 'dput' for Those Confined to the Tidyverse
melt_wideMelt Wide data.tables into Long data.tables
moveMeReorders the Contents of a Vector
mySOreputationParse Your Reputation Page From Any of the Stack Exchange...
naLastMove All 'NA' Values to the End of the Rows or Columns of a...
needleInHaystackFind a Needle in a Haystack...
readClipRead Clipboard Regardless of OS
read.mtableRead Data from a File Containing Multiple Datasets
ReshapeLongReshape Data into a Semi-Long Format
RiffleInterleaves Values Within Matrices or Vectors
SampleToSumSample from a Specific Range with a Target Vector Sum
shifter"Shift" the Values of a Vector Ahead or Behind by a Specified...
shufflerShuffle the Elements of a Vector
SOfun-packageFunctions written while answering Stack Overflow questions
sortEndsSelect the Top-n Highest or Lowest Values in a Vector
TabulateIntAllows Tabulate to Be Used with Negative Integers Too
this_by_nApply This By Every n Values
tidyHTMLTry to "Tidy" Untidy HTML Pages
toColClassesChange the Column Classes of Variables in a 'data.frame'
TriIndexGet the row and column indices of upper and lower trianges of...
TrueSeqConvert TRUE Values in a Vector to a Grouped Sequence
unlist_by_rowUnlists the Values in a Rectangular Dataset by Row or Column
vec2symmatCreates a Symmetric Matrix from a Vector
vectorBindBind Vectors Column-Wise According to Name
word_valueConverts a Vector of Words to Numeric Values Based on Letter...
writeClipWrite to Clipboard on Multiple OSes
write.Hmisc.SPSSWrite an Hmisc data.frame with labels to SPSS
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