Man pages for mrfoliveira/Evaluation-procedures-for-forecasting-with-spatio-temporal-data
Evaluation procedures for forecasting with spatio-temporal data

add_ratiosAdd ratios between spatio-temporal neighborhood indicators
calculate_errorsCalculate error metrics
calculate_vector_errorsCalculate vector of error values
compressAllResCompress results from all (artificial) experiments
compressResCompress results from one experiment
cv_foldsCut into folds
data_listSpatio-temporal data sets
df2site_sfCreate an sf object of available sites
embed_seriesEmbed each time series in a spatio-temporal data set
estimatesEstimate error using a chosen method
evaluateEvalute the results of a predictive workflow
exp_cExponential function
generate_coefGenerate coefficients for a STARMA stationary process
generate_gridCreate a regular grid using spdep package
generate_multiple_datasetsGenerate multiple artificial datasets using STARMA on regular...
generate_one_datasetGenerate an artificial dataset using STARMA on a regular grid
generate_stdataSimulate a STARMA stationary process
get_all_neib_valsGet the spatio-temporal neighbourhoods of all observations
get_full_indicatorsGet time series embeds and spatio-temporal indicators
get_spatial_dist_matCalculate spatial distance matrix
get_st_indicatorGet a spatio-temporal indicator from neighbourhood data frame
get_st_indicatorsGet spatio-temporal indicators from a data frame containing...
get_st_neighboursGet spatio-temporal neighbourhood
get_time_dist_matCalculate temporal distance matrix
grid_neibs_ord1Get directional neighbours from a regular grid
identityIdentity function
lag_multiple_datasetsCreate a spatio-temporal embed of multiple datasets
nd_kf_xvalNon-dependent cross-validation
norm_scaleFeature scaling
prequential_evalPrequential evaluation
realSumRes2TabTransform a multi-level list of summarized results into a...
regMetricsCalculate regression metrics
responseValuesGet response values of a dataset from a formula
run_all_experimentsRun multiple experiments for different grid and time series...
run_multiple_experimentsRun multiple in-set/out-set error estimation experiments
run_one_experimentRun one in-set/out-set error estimation experiment
shuffleShuffle values/rows
simple_workflowA simple learning and prediction workflow
sp_checkerAssign the locations of a regular grid to folds following a...
sp_contigAssign the locations of a regular grid to folds in contiguous...
starma_simSimulate spatio-temporal data using a STARMA model
starma_stat_checkCheck a STARMA model for stationarity
st_lag_neib_ord1Create a spatio-temporal embed of data
summarize_all_art_expsSummarize the results of all (artificial) in-set/out-set...
summarize_multiple_expSummarize the results of multiple in-set/out-set experiment
summarize_one_expSummarize the results of one in-set/out-set experiment
sumRes2TabTransform a multi-level list of summarized results into a...
Tall_SPcheckerSystematic spatial CV
Tall_SPcontigSpatially blocked CV
Tall_SPrandSpatial CV
Tblock_SPallTemporally blocked CV
Tblock_SPcheckerTemporal blocked and systematic spatial CV
Tblock_SPcontigTemporal blocked and contiguously-blocked spatial CV
Tblock_SPrandTemporal blocked and randomly assigned spatial CV
t_oosTime-wise holdout
t_oos_mcTime-wise Monte Carlo
Trand_SPallTemporal CV
Trand_SPrandClassic k-fold CV
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