Man pages for ms609/Ternary
Create Ternary Plots

AddToTernaryAdd elements to ternary plot
cbPalette15Fifteen-colour palette compatible with colour blindness
cbPalette8Eight-colour palette compatible with colour blindness
ColourTernaryColour a ternary plot according to the output of a function
CoordinatesToXYConvert user-specified ternary coordinates into X and Y...
OutsidePlotIs a point in the plotting area?
ReflectedEquivalentsReflected equivalents of points outside the ternary plot
TernaryContourAdd contours to a ternary plot
TernaryCoordsConvert ternary coordinates to Cartesian space
TernaryDensityContourAdd contours of estimated point density to a ternary plot
Ternary-packageTernary: Create Ternary Plots
TernaryPlotCreate a ternary plot
TernaryPointValuesValue of a function at regularly spaced points
TernaryTilesPaint tiles on ternary plot
TernaryXRangeX and Y coordinates of ternary plotting area
TriangleCentresCoordinates of triangle mid-points
XYToTernaryCartesian coordinates to ternary point
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