Man pages for mshasan/OPWpaper1
Reproduce figures and simulations of OPWeight

fwerPowerFdrPowerSimulate FWER, POWER, FDR, and POWER
nice_plotsFunciton to plot nice plots
probRel_CovVsTest_effectRelationship between covariate and test effect sizes
prob_weight_plotsPlot ranks' probabilities and the corresponding weights
ranksProb_byEffectRanks probability of the covariate given the test-effect size
ranksProb_compareCompare rank probabilities
ranksProb_compare_plotsPlots to compare ranks probabilities
roeder_wasserman_weightWeight from the Roeder and Wasserman (2009) paper
runif_by_meanGenerate uniform random numbers for a fixed mean
simu_fwerSimulate Family Wise Error Rate (FWER)
test_by_blockGenerate multivariate test statistics
weight_byEffect_binWeight for the different effect sizes in a binary case
weight_byEffect_contWeight for the different continuous effect sizes
weightSum_by_cFind sum of weights for c, function of Langragian multiplier
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