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R package for applying Gamma-Poisson regression to identify statistical enrichment or depletion of somatic mutations in arbitrary (sets of) genomic intervals after correcting for genomic covariates, e.g. replication timing, sequence context, chromatin state.

License: GPL v3

Installation ----------- 1. Install devtools from CRAN (if you don't have it already) ``` install.packages('devtools') ``` 2. Install gUtils ``` devtools::install_github('mskilab/gUtils') ```` 3. Install fishHook ``` devtools::install_github('mskilab/fishHook') ````

Documentation ------------ [fishHook Tutorial]( [fishHook Developer Reference](docs/
Attributions ------------ > Marcin Imielinski - Assistant Professor, Weill-Cornell Medical College. Core Member, New York Genome Center. > Zoran Gajic - Undergraduate Research Assistant, Rutgers University, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York Genome Center.

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