Man pages for mskyttner/swedishbirdrecoveries
Swedish Bird Recoveries (Data and User Interface)

birdrecoveries_engDataset birdrecoveries_eng
birdrecoveries_i18nDataset birdrecoveries_i18n
birdrecoveries_sweDataset birdrecoveries_swe
i18nTranslate strings for display in user interface
remote_dlDownload dataset locally
runShinyAppRunning this function launches a Shiny web application...
scrape_checklist_falsterboRetrieve species list from Falsterbo Fågelstation
scrape_checklist_norwayRetrieve species list from Norway, Stavanger
scrape_checklist_ottenbyRetrieve species list from Ottenby Fågelstation
scrape_recoveries_falsterboRetrieve bird recovery data from Falsterbo Fågelstation
scrape_recoveries_norwayRetrieve bird recovery data from Norway (Stavanger)
scrape_recoveries_ottenbyRetrieve bird recovery data from Ottenby Fågelstation
swedishbirdrecoveries-packageswedishbirdrecoveries - An R package with Swedish Bird...
update_dataUpdate local db with dataset from remote, create if needed
update_logGet a history of updates made
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