CalculateMonthlyPrecip: Calculate Average Monthly and Annual Precipitation

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This function transforms a climate dataset input into a multidimentional array and then performs calculations on the array to output the average weekly precipitation per month across the years (summarize by months) and the average weekly precipitation across the years (summarize by years).


CalculateMonthlyPrecip(clim_data, full_clim_dataset = T)



Data frame of climate data, including temperature, precipitation, water year, and dates


If equals TRUE, then the function accepts the full sample clim dataset and will print dimnames appropriate for the size of that dataframe


To perform these calculations, a weeks column was added to the climate dataframe, as the number of days varies across the months. Four weeks were defined per month, with the first three weeks each having 7 days, and the last week containing the rest of the days in the month, often approximately 10 days. The difference in the number of days per week was determined to not have a significant impact on the average weekly precipitation. Precipitation given in mm.

This function can be used to increase understanding of changes in mean precipitation levels over time, both monthly and over the years, in order to inform regional hydrologic decion-making, particularly water availability.


List with the following items:


Dataframe of average weekly precipitation (mm) per month across all years


Dataframe of average weekly precipitaiton (mm) for every year


Sofie McComb & Margaux Sleckman

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