Man pages for mslegrand/pegr

add_ruleAdds a rule to the parser
apply_ruleApplies the rule to the specified text data.frame consisting of peg rules
consumedReturns The portion ot the input text consumed during a...
debug.pegRTurn on the pegR rule debugger
delete_ruleDeletes the given rule form the parser.
get_actionRetrieve an action to the rule specified by
get_descriptionGets a description of a given rule
get_rule_stackReturns the call stack when the stop level was exceeded
inspect_ruleInspects a given rule contained within a parser
new.parserCreates an instance of a new PEG parser.
paste1A convenient shortcut for pasting lists
pegrParsing Made Bearable With Pegr
plot.PEGResultPlots the parsing result as a tree.
plus-.pegRAlternative to add_rule.
print.AttachedRulePrints an attached rule
print.pegRPrints the rules contained in the PEG
print.PEGResultprints the final result of applying a rule to text input
print.ruleStructureA formatted printing for results of inspect_rule
qpA simple tool to examine a parsing expression in isolation
rule_idsLists all Rules contained in the parser
set_actionAttach an (optional) action to a specified rule
set_definitionReset rule.definition in the parser
set_descriptionAttach an (optional) description to a specified rule
set_record_modelSets the peg to recording mode
set_rule_stack_limitSets restriction on the maximum call depth of rules
statusReturns the Status of a parsing result
sub-sub-.pegRAn alternative to apply_rule
sub-subset-.pegRReset an existing rule: definition, description, action
summary.pegRSummarizes of the parser rule structure
summary.PEGResultSummarizes a parsing result
treePrint Tree
undebug.pegRTurn off the pegR rule debugger
unset_rule_stack_limitUnsets a restriction the maximum lcall depth of rules
valueReturns the value of a parsing result
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