Repository for R package adfeR

Includes functions and files for book "Análise de Dados Financeiros e Econômicos com o R", available in Amazon and Online.


# only in github (will not pass cran checks due suplementary files)

Example of usage

Listing available datasets


Fetching data from book repository

file_name <- 'SP500.csv'
path_to_file <- adfeR::get_data_file(file_name)

df <- readr::read_csv(path_to_file)

Copying all book files to local directory

flag <- adfeR::copy_book_files(path_to_copy = '~')

Compiling pdf exercises

See this blog post for details.


names_students <- c('Marcelo', 'Ricardo', 'Tarcizio')
ids_students <- 1:length(names_students) # probably id card?
chapters <- 1:3 # chapters from 1 to 13
dir_output <- file.path(tempdir(), 'ExamsFiles')

l_exams <- build_exercises(students_names = names_students, 
                           students_ids = ids_students, 
                           chapters_to_include = chapters,
                           dir_out = dir_output)

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