Man pages for mstaniak/kendallRandomPackage
Import air pollution data from GIOS website, visualize applications of Kendall random walk models.

addMultiKendallFit stable Kendall distribution to multiple sets of...
calculateMaximaCalculate maxima for a given station and time step.
cdfsGevCompare theorical and empirical CDF for fitted GEV...
cdfsKendallCompare theorical and empirical CDF for stable Kendall...
convergenceVisDraw simulated trajectories
dkendPDF of Kendall stable distribution
fitMultiGEVFit GEV distribution to multiple sets of observations
importGiosFromCSVImport data for one station, multiple years and polutants...
importGiosFromXLSXImport data for one station, multiple years and polutants.
importOneCSVImport from one .csv file.
importOneXLSXImport from one GIOŚ .xlsx file.
isAvailableCheck if there are any measurement on a given stations for...
kendallRandomAppShiny app for exploring air pollution data
kendallRandomPackagekendallRandomPackage: package for exploring air pollution...
normingSequencesNormalising Kendall random walks
pkendCDF of Kendall stable distribution
pkendSymCDF of symmetrical Kendall stable distribution
plotEcdfECDF for data
plotHistPlot histogram of values over given threshold
plotLargeQQQQ-plot for large quantiles
plotQQStandard QQ-plot
plotTimePlot of data over time
qkendQuantiles of Kendall stable distribution
qkendSymQuantiles of symmetrical Kendall stable distribution
QnHelper function
qqPlotGevQQ-plot for fited GEV distribution
rkendPseudo-random number from Kendall stable distribution
simulateOneTrajectorySimulate one trajectory of a Kendall random walk
simulationSimulate multiple trajectories of Kendall random walk
UHelper function
ZHelper function
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