Man pages for mstrimas/krsp
Working with the Kluane Red Squirrel Project Database

check_behaviourCheck records in behaviour table
check_collarsCheck radio collars
check_nestCheck records in litter and juvenile tables
check_trappingCheck records in trapping table
krspkrsp: Working with the Kluane Red Squirrel Project Database
krsp_censusmapDisplay a map of middens comparing this and previous census
krsp_census_progressDisplay a table of progress towards census
krsp_collarsRadio collar status
krsp_coloursColour key
krsp_connectConnect to the krsp database
krsp_dashboardLaunch the Shiny Squirrels dashboard
krsp_hitlistList last year's breeders by parturition date
krsp_litter_lookupLookup up the juveniles in a litter
krsp_needs_brIdentify squirrels without breeding status
krsp_poolCreate krsp connection from a Pool
krsp_progressDisplay seasonal data collection progress
krsp_rattlemapMap behaviour records on grid
krsp_sqlRun SQL query on database
krsp_tablesList tables in the KRSP database
krsp_topTop squirrelers
loc_to_numericConvert loc from alphanumeric to numeric
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