Man pages for mtennekes/tabplot
Tableplot, a Visualization of Large Datasets

bin_dataBin data
bin_hcc_dataBin high cardinality data
datetime2facTransform a date-time vector to a factor
itableplotGraphical User Interface to create tableplots
loadPrepareLoads a prepared object
num2facTransform a numerical vector to a factor
plot.tabplotPlot a tabplot-object
print.tabplotPrint a tabplot-object
savePrepareSaves a prepared object
summary.tabplotSummarize a tabplot-object
tableChangeChange a tabplot-object
tablePalettesShow / get all palettes of the tabplot package
tableplotCreate a tableplot
tableplot_comparisonCompare two tableplots (experimental)
tablePreparePrepares a dataset for tableplotting
tableSaveSave a tableplot
tabplot_compare-objectObject that contains the information to plot the difference...
tabplot-objectObject that contains the information to plot a tableplot
tabplot-packageTableplot, a visualization of large datasets
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