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Tidy Interface to 'data.table'

across.Apply a function across a selection of columns
arrange.Arrange/reorder rows
arrange_across.Arrange by a selection of variables
as_tidytableCoerce an object to a data.table/tidytable
between.Do the values from x fall between the left and right bounds?
bind_cols.Bind data.tables by row and column
c_across.Combine values from multiple columns with vectorized default
case_when.Case when
coalesce.Coalesce missing values
complete.Complete a data.table with missing combinations of data
count.Count observations by group
crossing.Create a data.table from all unique combinations of inputs
cumall.Cumulative versions of any, all, and mean
desc.Descending order
distinct.Select distinct/unique rows
drop_na.Drop rows containing missing values
dtPipeable data.table call
expand.Expand a data.table to use all combinations of values
expand_grid.Create a data.table from all combinations of inputs
extract.Extract a character column into multiple columns using regex
fill.Fill in missing values with previous or next value
filter.Filter rows on one or more conditions
get_dummies.Convert character and factor columns to dummy variables
grapes-notin-grapesnotin operator
group_split.Split data frame by groups
if_all.Create conditions on a selection of columns
ifelse.Fast ifelse
inv_gcRun invisible garbage collection
is_tidytableTest if the object is a tidytable
lags.Get lagging or leading values
left_join.Join two data.tables together
map.Apply a function to each element of a vector or list
mutate.Add/modify/delete columns
mutate_across.Mutate multiple columns simultaneously
mutate_rowwise.Add/modify columns by row
n.Number of observations in each group
n_distinct.Count the number of unique values in a vector
nest.Nest data.tables
nest_by.Nest data.tables
pipePipe operator
pivot_longer.Pivot data from wide to long
pivot_wider.Pivot data from long to wide
pull.Pull out a single variable
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
relocate.Relocate a column to a new position
rename.Rename variables by name
rename_with.Rename multiple columns
replace_na.Replace missing values
row_number.Return row number
select.Select or drop columns
separate.Separate a character column into multiple columns
separate_rows.Separate a collapsed column into multiple rows
slice.Choose rows in a data.table
summarize.Aggregate data using summary statistics
summarize_across.Summarize multiple columns
tidytableBuild a data.table/tidytable
tidytable-vctrsInternal vctrs methods
top_n.Select top (or bottom) n rows (by value)
transmute.Add new variables and drop all others
uncount.Uncount a data.table
unite.Unite multiple columns by pasting strings together
unnest.Unnest a nested data.table
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