Man pages for muellermarianne/iarm
Item Analysis in Rasch Models

amtsAbbreviated Mental Test Score (AMTS)
boot_fitComputes bootstrapping p values for Outfit and Infit...
clr_testsConditional likelihood ratio tests (CLR)
desc2Depression Screening DESC-II
gamma_coefGamma coefficient of two ordinal variables
iarm-packageiarm: A package for item analysis in Rasch models
item_obsexpObserved and expected item mean scores
item_restscoreItem restscore association
item_targetComputation of item targets for polytomous models
out_infitItem Outfit and Infit Statistics
partgamConditional and Partial Gamma coefficients
person_estimatesPerson estimates with MLE and WLE
print.bootfitPrint method for output of boot_fit
print.outfitPrint method for output of out_infit
score_groupsGenerate two score groups
test_propProperties of the test
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