Man pages for mugiro/elm
Extreme Learning Machine for regression and classification

add_neuronsAdd hidden neurons to the ELM.
checking_xyChecking data
class_postprocessPost-process classfication predictions
createFoldscreateFolds from caret package CREATE GENERIC AND TRANSFORM...
dist_mat_vecDistance matrix - vector
ELM-classClass 'elm'
get_errorCompute model's errors with different number of neurons (nn)
hiddenlayer-classClass 'hiddenlayer'
loadSLFNLoad a SLFN model.
mseMSE error
predict-elm-method'predict' method for 'elm' objects
projectCompute the projection of the matrix H for a particular X.
pruneELM pruning
rank_neuronsRank hidden neurons
rcpp_hello_worldSimple function using Rcpp
saveSLFNSave a SLFN model.
solve_systemSolve the linear system between a hidden layer and the...
trainTrain a ELM
train_pruningtrain a ELM with pruning
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