Man pages for muir-lab/licorer
Read and process LI-COR photosynthesis data files in R

acceptable_headerGet lookup table of acceptable header variables
acceptable_nonunitsGet lookup table of acceptable varible types for classes...
acceptable_typesGet vector of acceptable data types
acceptable_unitsGet lookup table of acceptable units for data
combine_licorCombines any number of licor files, in the order they are...
get_remarksGets remarks attached to data, if any.
licorHelper for class licor. Creates licor class objects.
licorer'licorer' package
licor_subsetCreating a subset of the data
new_licorConstructor for class licor.
pipePipe operator
read_li6800Reads data from LI-6800 file and organizes it into class...
read_li6800_excelReads data from Excel LI-6800 files and organizes into class...
read_li6800_rawReads data from raw LI-6800 files and organizes into class...
subset_logicCreates a boolean logical vector
subset_optionsOutputs options for subsetting
validate_licorValidator for class licor.
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