Man pages for munichrocker/DatawRappr
Provides Access to Datawrapper's API

datawrapper_authSet Datawrapper-API-Key to system environment
DatawRappr-packageProvides Access to Datawrapper's API
dw_basemapsDatawrapper Basemaps
dw_copy_chartMakes a copy of an existing Datawrapper chart
dw_create_chartCreates a new Datawrapper chart
dw_create_choropleth_mapCreates a new Datawrapper Chroropleth Map
dw_create_folderCreates a new folder
dw_create_symbol_mapCreates a new Datawrapper Symbol Map
dw_data_from_chartDownload the data in a Datawrapper chart
dw_data_to_chartFill a Datawrapper chart with data from R
dw_delete_chartDelete a Datawrapper chart
dw_edit_chartEdits a existing Datawrapper chart
dw_export_chartExport a Datawrapper chart to PNG, PDF, or SVG
dw_get_api_keyGet Datawrapper-API-Key
dw_get_map_keyReturns the Datawrapper-Map-keys
dw_handle_errorsHandle errors in API call
dw_invite_userInvite a person to a team
dw_legend_to_stringCreates a legend from a Datawrapper chart
dw_list_chartsLists all charts
dw_list_foldersLists all folders
dw_publish_chartPublish or republish a Datawrapper chart
dw_retrieve_chart_metadataRetrieves a Datawrapper chart's metadata
dw_test_keyTests the Datawrapper-API-key
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