Man pages for munterfinger/eRTG3D
Empirically Informed Random Trajectory Generation in 3-D

chiMapsChi maps of two variables
demExample digital elevation model (DEM)
dem2track.extentCrops the DEM to the extent of the track with a buffer
dist2point.3dDistance of each track point to a given point
dist2target.3dDistance to target
eRTG3DeRTG3D: Empirically Informed Random Trajectory Generator in...
filter.dead.endsRemove dead ends
get.densities.3dExtract tldCube and autodifference approximation functions
get.glideRatio.3dCalculate glide ratio
get.section.densities.3dExtract tldCube and autodifferences functions from track...
get.track.densities.3dExtract tldCube and autodifferences functions from a...
is.sf.3dTests if the object is a simple feature collection (class:...
lift2target.3dLift angle to target
logRasterStackConverts a rasterStack to logarithmic scale
movingMedianMoving median in one dimension
niclasExample track data.frame
n.sim.cond.3dConditional Empirical Random Walks (CERW) in 3-D
n.sim.glidingSoaring.3dSimulates multiple 'gliding & soaring' tracks with a given...
plot2dPlot function to plot the 3-D tracks in 2-D plane
plot3dPlot track(s) with a surface of a digital elevation model in...
plot3d.densitiesDensity plots of turn angle, lift angle and step length
plot3d.multiplotMultiple plot function for ggplot objects
plot3d.tldCubeVisualize turn-lift-step histogram
plotRasterPlots a rasterLayer or rasterStack
qProb.3dQ probabilities for n steps
reproduce.track.3dReproduce a track with the eRTG3D
saveImageSlicesExport a dataCube as image slice sequence
sf2df.3dConverts a sf data.frame to a normal dataframe
sim.cond.3dConditional Empirical Random Walk (CERW) in 3-D
sim.crw.3dSimulation of a three dimensional Correlated Random Walk
sim.glidingSoaring.3dSimulates 'gliding & soaring' track with a given number of...
sim.uncond.3dUnconditional Empirical Random Walk (UERW) in 3-D
test.eRTG.3dTest the functionality of the eRTG3D
test.verification.3dStatistical Verification of the simulated track
track2sf.3dConverts a track to a "sf, data.frame"
track.extentExtent of track(s) properties of a 3-D track
track.split.3dThis function splits the by outliers in the time lag.
transformCRS.3dTransform coordinates reference system (CRS) of a 3-D track
turn2target.3dTurn angle to target
TurnLiftStepHistThree dimensional histogram
voxelCountApply voxel counting on a point cloud
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