Man pages for muppetjones/remcolor
Defines color-blind friendly palettes and gradients.

create_smooth_gradientCreate a gradient
gradient.blackCreate a black gradient
gradient.blueCreate a mono blue gradient
gradient.brown2blueCreate a brown-blue gradient
gradient.focusCreate a black-white gradient with a highlight
gradient.gray2blueCreate a gray-blue gradient
gradient.greenCreate a mono green gradient
gradient.green2purple#' Create a green-purple gradient
gradient.purpleCreate a mono purple gradient
gradient.rainbowCreate a rainbow gradient
gradient.redCreate a mono red gradient
gradient.red2blueCreate a red-blue gradient
palette.darkColor palette from gplots rich.colors
palette.lightColor palette from gplots rich.colors
palette.qualQualitative color palette by Paul Tol
palette.rainbowCreate a rainbow palette
palette.rainbow.altAnother color-blind friendly qualitative scheme
palette.richColor palette from gplots rich.colors
palette.timColor palette from gplots rich.colors
plot_palettesShow palette with colorblind simulations
show_paletteShow palette
show_palette_colorblindShow palette with colorblind simulations
show_palettesShow palettes
simulate_colorblind_blueTritanope (blue-blind) version of palette (0.003...
simulate_colorblind_greenDeuteranope (green-blind) version of palette (1...
simulate_colorblind_hexSimulate colorblindness for a color
simulate_colorblind_redProtanope (red-blind) version of palette (1...
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