Man pages for muschellij2/atropos
Core Software Infrastructure for 'ANTsR'

accessor-methodsExtract Image Attributes 'pixeltype' from antsImages
antsCompileFlagsreturn ants compile flags
antsCopyImageInfoCopy header info
antsDirreturn ANTs binary directory information
antsImageAn S4 class for an antsImage
antsImageReadImage Read
antsImageWriteImage Write
antsIncludesreturn ANTs installation information
antsLibsreturn ants library location
antsRegion-classAn S4 class to hold a region of an antsImage
antsSetPixelsSet a pixel value at an index
antsTransformIndexToPhysicalPointGet Spatial Point from Index
antsTransformPhysicalPointToIndexGet Index from Spatial Point
as.antsImageConvert Objects into antsImage objects
as.arrayCoerce antsImage objects to array
atroposFMM Segmentation
boxplot.antsImageBoxplot of Values in an Image
bracketsExtract or Replace Parts of antsImage Object
coerce_maskSimple Mask Maker
cut.antsImagePerform Cut on an image
density.antsImageDensity of Values in an Image
dot-int_antsExtractXptrAsString-numeric-method#' @aliases .int_antsExtractXptrAsString,antsMatrix-method...
error_not_antsImageStop if not an antsImage object
getCentroidsConvert an image to the geometric centroids of its signal
getMaskGet Mask
getNeighborhoodAtVoxelGet a hypercube neighborhood at a voxel
getNeighborhoodInMaskGet neighborhoods for voxels within mask
getPixelsGet Pixels
grapes-greater-than-grapesPipe an object forward
hist.antsImageHistogram of Values in an Image
imageFileNames2ImageListSimple imageFileNames2ImageListing function.
int_antsProcessArgumentsProcessing arguments for command line parsing
lappendSimple list append tool
makeImageSimple makeImage function.
maskImageMask input image by mask image.
mask_valuesSimple Value extractor for antsImage Values
morphologyMorphological image operations
plot.antsImagePlotting an image slice or multi-slice with optional color...
quantile.antsImageSample Quantiles
randomMaskGet a random mask
riMinimal function for creating r images
subsetSubsetting antsImage Objects
usePkgUse any package. If package is not installed, this will...
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