Man pages for muschellij2/ghtravis
Interfaces with GitHub API and Travis CI

all_remote_package_depsGet Remote Package Dependencies
binary_release_tableGet Binary Release Table for a repository
cat_desc_elementsPrint Description Elements out
dcf_package_versionGet the version of the package from the DESCRIPTION file
deployed_tarball_versionDeployed Tarball Version
deploy_travisRewrite Travis for Deployment
drop_remotesDrop Remotes from DESCRIPTION
example_description_fileExample DESCRIPTION File
get_dep_tableGet Dependency Table
get_remote_infoGet Remote Information
get_remote_package_dcfRead Remote Package DESCRIPTION file
get_remotesGet the Remotes from a Package
install_remote_binariesInstall Binaries from Remotes
install_remotes_no_depReturns the specific package from Remotes
latest_release_with_binaryGet the Latest Binary for a repository
make_full_versionMake a vector of version numbers into full versions for...
package_comparison_tableGet Comparison Table from Dependencies
package_nameGet Package name
package_needs_updateCheck Package Versions
parse_one_remoteParse a Remote file
read_dcfRead DESCRIPTION file
remote_binariesGet Binaries from Remotes
remote_orderOrder of the Remotes for Installation
rewrite_remotesRewrite DESCRIPTION file overwriting Remotes
r_versionGet R Version
split_remotesRemotes Splitter
subset_remoteReturns the specific package from Remotes
sys_extSystem Extension
tag_tableTag Table
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