Man pages for muschellij2/gluc
Analyzes and Organizes Glucose Monitoring Data

approx_glucoseApproximate Glucose Data
complete_time_dfComplete all time intervals for a recording
create_all_intervalsCreate all time intervals for a recording
ensure_numericEnsure a numeric output
first_24Flag DEXCOM CGMS first 24 hours
interval_checkCheck the interval timing for glucose monitoring
qc_dexcomQuality Control Measures for Dexcom CGMS
read_abbottRead Abbott Output Data
read_abbott_exportRead Dexcom Export Data
read_dexcomRead Dexcom Output Data
read_dexcom_exportRead Dexcom Export Data
read_glucRead Glucose XLS Data file
read_gluc_allRead All Glucose Sheets from file
sheet_checkCheck and Complete a Sheet
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