Man pages for muschellij2/kirby21.base
Example Data from the Multi-Modal MRI 'Reproducibility' Resource

all_modalitiesReturn All Modalities
copy_kirby21_dataCopy Kirby21 Data to an output directory
delete_kirby21_dataDelete Kirby21 Imaging Data
download_kirby21_dataDownload Kirby21 Imaging Data
get_idsGet IDs with Data in Package
get_image_filenamesGet Image Filenames
get_image_filenames_dfGet Image Filenames in a data.frame
get_par_filenamesGet Filenames of Par files
kirby21_demogKirby 21 Demographics
modality_dfAll Modalities and the Corresponding package
subject_id_to_visit_idKirby 21 Subject Identifiers to NITRC Visit Identifiers
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