Man pages for muschellij2/nitrc
Interfacing Functions with the Neuroimaging Informatics Tools and Resources Clearinghouse ('NITRC') Online System

download_mni_atlasDownload MNI Atlas Zip file
download_nitrc_irDownload NITRC Image Repository
download_nitrc_ir_urlDownload NITRC Single Image Repository URL
download_nitrc_urlDownload NITRC URL
mni_atlas_linksMNI atlas Links
nitrc_documentsNITRC Documents
nitrc_ir_studyNITRC Image Repository Study
nitrc_packagesNITRC Packages
nitrc_remote_dataDownload NITRC Remote Data Sources
parse_nitrc_docsParse Documents from NITRC List
parse_nitrc_packsParse Packages from NITRC List
parse_nitrc_projParse Project Information from NITRC List
xcat_readerXML Category Reader from NITRC
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