Man pages for muschellij2/rscopus
Scopus Database 'API' Interface

abstract_retrievalSCOPUS Abstract Retrieval
affil_dfSearch Affiliation Content on SCOPUS
affiliation_retrievalSCOPUS Affiliation Retrieval
affil_list_to_dfList of SCOPUS Entries to List of Affiliations Data Frames
affil_searchSearch Author Content on SCOPUS
all_possible_affilsFind all affiliations
article_retrievalScienceDirect Article Retrieval
author_dfSearch Author Content on SCOPUS
author_retrievalSCOPUS Author Retrieval
author_searchSearch Author Content on SCOPUS
author_search_by_affilSearch Authors by Affiliation on SCOPUS
bibtex_core_dataMakes a 'bibtex' entry from an output of 'abstract_retrieval'...
citation_retrievalSCOPUS Citation Retrieval
collapse_affilCollapse Affiliations to one row
complete_multi_author_infoGet Complete Author Information and ID from Scopus
elsevier_authenticateAuthenticate API Key and get Token
embase_retrievalSCOPUS Embase Retrieval
entitlement_retrievalScienceDirect Text Entitlement Retrieval
entries_to_affil_listList of SCOPUS Entries to List of Affiliations Data Frames
entries_to_citation_dfList of SCOPUS Entries to Data Frame of Citations
entries_to_dfConvert Entries into a data.frame
entry_to_affilSCOPUS Entry to Affiliation
gen_entries_to_dfGenerally Convert Entries into a list of 'data.frame's
generic_elsevier_apiGeneric Elsevier Search
get_affiliation_infoGet Affiliation Information and ID from Scopus
get_api_keyFind API Key for Elsevier
get_author_infoGet Relevant Author Information and ID from Scopus in Data...
get_complete_author_infoGet Complete Author Information and ID from Scopus
get_linksGet Links for next/first/last query
inst_token_headerAdd Institution or Authorization Token
metadata_retrievalSCOPUS Citation Retrieval
multi_author_infoGet Relevant Authors Information from IDs from Scopus
nonullRemove NULL
object_retrievalScienceDirect Object Retrieval
plumx_metricsRetrieve PlumX metrics for Scopus documents and other related...
print.scopus_api_keyPrint method for Scopus API key
print.tokenPrint method for token
process_affiliation_nameProcess Affiliation Name
process_author_nameProcess Author Name
read_ctoRead Citation Overview (CTO) File
recommendation_retrievalScienceDirect Article Recommendation Retrieval
replace_non_asciiReplace non-ASCII characters
scopus_searchSCOPUS Search
set_api_keySet API Key for Elsevier
subject_areasSubject Areas
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