Man pages for mvattulainen/preprocomb
Tools for Preprocessing Combinations

examplecombgridsetgrid example
examplemetaheurmetaheur example
exampleresultpreprocomb example
examplesimulationpreprosim example
getcombinationsget preprocessing combinations from a grid
getpreprocessorsget available preprocessors and their descriptions
getpreprocombdfget preprocessed data set from a grid
getprogrammaticpredictionparallel computation of classification accuracy holdout...
GridClass-classAn S4 class representing (unevaluated) preprocessing...
initializedataclassobjectconstructor function for creating a DataClass object
preprothe MAIN function for interactive use.
PreprocessorClass-classA virtual S4 class representing preprocessors
preprocessordefinitionstorageenvironment for storing preprocessor definitions
preprocombthe MAIN function of programmatic use.
preprocombplotplot preprocessing combination evaluation results
preprodefaultsix default phases with preprocessing techniques
preprodefaultextendedeigth default phases with preprocessing techniques
ResultClass-classAn S4 class representing preprocessing combination evaluation...
setgridconstructor function for creating preprocessing combinations
setphaseconstructor function for defining a preprocessing phase.
setpreprocessorconstructor function for adding a new preprocessing technique...
showrulesshows association rules for classification accuracy.
testpreprocessorstest preprocessing techniques against data
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