Man pages for mvogel78/childsds
Data and Methods Around Reference Values in Pediatrics

aggregate_lmsaggregate lms parameters
belgium.refParameters derived from Flandern population
calc_confintsCalculate confidence intervals
cdc.refLMS Parameters for the Centers for Disease Control and...
colombia_sf.refParameters of skinfold measures derived from Colombian...
do_iterationsdo lms iterations
ethiop.refParameters derived Ethiopian children
fit_gamlssfit lms
fredriks05.refParameters derived from Dutch children (additional to...
international_lab.refInternational Laboratory Parameters Tables
iron.refParameters for iron-related blood parameters in children
italian.refParameters derived from Italian children
japanese.refParameters derived from Japanese children
japan_lab.refParameters of serum insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I)
kiggs_bp.refParameters derived from the German KiGGS cohort
kiggs.refLMS Parameters for German reference data (KiGGS, 2003-2006)...
kro.refLMS Parameters for German reference data (Kromeyer Hauschild,...
life_liver.refParameters for serum liver enzymes
lipids.refParameters for serum lipids in children
make_percentile_tabcalculate raw values
nl3.refParameters of skinfold measures derived from Colombian...
nl4.refParameters derived from the 4th Dutch growth study
one_iterationone iteration
ParTab-classTable of references
portug.refParameters derived from Portuguese children
prepare_dataprepare data for iteration process
preterm.refParameters Preterm and Intrauterine
RefGroup-classClass of references
saudi.refParameters derived from Saudi children
sdsCalculate SDS Values
sds_2dCalculate SDS Values for 2-dimensional matrix of covariates
select_famsselect families
select_measchoose one measurement per subject
show-ParTab-methodclass ParTab
show-RefGroup-methodclass RefGroup
turkish.refParameters derived from Turkish children
uk1990.refParameters from the 1990 UK growth study
ukwho.refLMS Parameters for UK-WHO growth charts for height, weight,...
us.refParameters derived from US children (additional to the...
who2007.refParameters of skinfold measures derived from Colombian...
who.refLMS Parameters for UK-WHO growth charts for height, weight,...
wormplot_ggWorm Plot ggplot version
zong13.refParameters derived from Chinese children (additional to...
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