Man pages for mwesthues/sspredr
Single-Step Prediction

build_kernelRelationship Matrix
check_cvCheck TRN Assembly
complete_etaConstruction of ETA with complete predictor data
compute_cfCall Frequency
compute_mafMinor Allele Frequency
ensure_snp_qualityEnsure SNP Quality
hybrid_nmsHybrid names.
imp_snpsImputed, numeric SNP genotypes
impute2Imputation of mRNAs via pedigree and genomic information.
impute_etaImputation of ETA
marker_characterSNP genotypes (character)
marker_numericSNP genotypes (numeric)
mice_mrnaMice transcriptomic data
mice_pedMice pedigree data
mice_phenoMice phenotypic data
mice_snpMice SNP data
mrnaTranscriptomic data
PhenoPhenotypic data
recode_snpsRecode genotypic data
replace_na_with_major_genotypeReplace Missing Marker Genotypes
run_cvCross validated prediction
run_loocvLeave-one-out cross validation
sample_cvCross-Validation Scheme Sampling
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