Man pages for mwrowe/microRutils
Mike Rowe's Miscellaneous R Utility Functions

as.charas.char: An Alias For as.character()
asciiToCharasciiToChar: conversion between letters and ASCII codes
cbindSafecbindSafe: Column-wise Concatenation of Objects With...
circlePlot a Circle or Regular Polygon
compressMatrixResize a Matrix By Combining Adjacent Elements
cStringcString: Create a c() Expression From Character Vector
enclose.plotDraw Edge Around A Plot.
expressProgrammatically Generate Expression Objects
getLapplyIndexgetLapplyIndex: Access Index of List Element Within lapply()
groupedTickLabelsLabel Axes With Hierarchically Organized Groups
HistAn Alternative Histogram Function
ImageAn Alternative Image Plotting Function
is.charis.char: An Alias For is.character()
logtixAdd Log-Scaled Tick Marks to an Axis
make_READMEGenerates from *.rmd package documentation.
microRutilsmicroRutils: Mike Rowe's Miscellaneous R Utility Functions
nameslikenameslike: Find Named Elements, Rows or Columns Using A...
nonUniqnonUniq: Find Replicated Elements In A Vector
numberReplicatesnumberReplicates: Number Recurring Elements
OrderOrder: Order Items Using Columns Of A Data.Frame As Keys
orStringorString: Generate An OR Regular Expression Substring
percentpercent: Format Numeric Values As (Character) Percentages
plot2DhistGenerate and Plot a 2D-Histogram as a Heatmap
p.printFormats p-values for readability.
prepDirprepDir: Create A New Directory
pvalOrderpvalOrder: Order Values By Levels, Then Numeric Value
rbindSaferbindSafe: Row-wise Concatenation of Objects With Potentially...
red.greenCustom Colormaps For Heat Maps
regextrregextr: Substring Extraction By Regular Expression
renamerename: Rename Elements, Rows or Columns, Etc.
rowMadsrowMads: Fast Calculation of MADs by Row.
rowSdsrowSds: Fast Calculation of Standard Deviations of Rows
rowZsrowZs: Fast Calculation of Z-Scores by Row
samediffsamediff: Find Elements in Common, and Unique To, Two Lists
selectRowsselectRows: Row Selection of A Data.Frame
strrevstrrev: Reverse Character Order
symsym: Get A Numeric Range That Is Symmetric Around Zero
T.widthDetermine Width of Caps On Error Bars
uniqRowFreqsCount Occurrences of Replicate Rows in a Data.Frame
untabuntab: Convert Table To Array
VennPlotDraw A Venn Plot With Proportional Areas
x.ptGet the Value Associated With A Fraction of X- or Y-Axis
yyyymmddyyyymmdd: Get A Time Stamp
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