Man pages for myllym/spptest
Spatial point process testing

adult_treesAdult trees data set
call_random_labellingHelper function for both 'random_labelling_K_f' and...
call_summ_funcHelper function for both 'estimate_K_f' and 'estimate_L_f'.
check_curve_set_contentCheck the content validity of a potential curve_set object.
check_curve_set_dimensionsCheck curve set dimensions
check_deviation_setCheck the object.
check_deviation_set_contentCheck the content validity of a potential deviation_set...
check_probsCheck for an increasing two-element vector of probabilities.
check_residualnessCheck that the curve_set object portrays residual curves.
combine_curve_setsCombine curve sets.
combined_global_envelope_with_simsA combined global envelope test
combined_scaled_MAD_bounding_curvesCalculate the lower and upper bounding curves of a combined...
combined_scaled_MAD_bounding_curves_charsQuantiles (qdir) or sds (st) for the combined scaled MAD...
combined_scaled_MAD_envelopeCombined global scaled maximum absolute difference (MAD)...
convert_envelopeConvert an envelope object to a curve_set object.
create_curve_setCreate a curve set out of a list in the right form.
create_deviation_setCreate a deviation set out of a list in the right form.
crop_curvesCrop the curves to a certain interval.
curve_set_check_rCheck r values of a curve_set object for plotting
deviationDeviation of curves.
deviation_testDeviation test
dg.combined_global_envelopeAdjusted combined global envelope tests
dg.global_envelopeAdjusted global envelope tests
divisor_to_coeffTurns a divisor into a coeff.
env_basic_plotAn internal spptest function for making a basic "global...
env_dotplotAn internal spptest function for making a dotplot style...
envelope_to_curve_setTurn an 'envelope' object into a curve_set object.
env_ggplotAn internal spptest function for making a ggplot2 style...
env_main_defaultAn internal spptest function for setting the default main for...
env_ylim_defaultAn internal spptest function for setting the default ylim for...
estimate_K_fEstimate K_f.
estimate_L_fEstimate L_f.
estimate_p_valueEstimate p-value.
estimate_p_value.defaultEstimate p-value.
estimate_p_value.deviation_setEstimate p-value.
get_T_0Define T_0 from a curve_set object
global_envelope_with_simsA global envelope test
is.curve_setCheck class.
is.deviation_setCheck class.
normal_envelopeApproximative normal envelope test
plot.adjusted_combined_envelope_testPlot method for the class 'adjusted_combined_envelope_test'
plot.adjusted_envelope_testPlot method for the class 'adjusted_envelope_test'
plot.combined_scaled_MAD_testPlot method for the class 'combined_scaled_MAD_test'
plot.curve_setPlot method for the class 'curve_set'
plot.envelope_testPlot method for the class 'envelope_test'
print.adjusted_combined_envelope_testPrint method for the class 'adjusted_combined_envelope_test'
print.adjusted_envelope_testPrint method for the class 'adjusted_envelope_test'
print.combined_scaled_MAD_testPrint method for the class 'combined_scaled_MAD_test'
print.curve_setPrint method for the class 'curve_set'
print.deviation_testPrint method for the class 'deviation_test'
print.envelope_testPrint method for the class 'envelope_test'
p_value_ties_defaultThe default ties method for the p-value
qdir_envelopeDirectional quantile envelope test
qdir_scalingDirectional quantile scaling.
q_scalingQuantile scaling.
random_labellingRandom labeling with K_f functions
random_labelling_K_fGenerate K_f curves for a random labelling test.
random_labelling_L_fGenerate L_f curves for a random labelling test.
random_labelling_testRandom labeling test
rank_envelopeThe rank envelope test
residualSubtract S_H_0 from the summary functions.
saplingsSaplings data set
scale_curvesScale curves.
spptestSpatial point process testing
st_envelopeStudentised envelope test
st_scalingStudentised scaling
ThemePlainA plain ggplot2 theme.
two_envelopes_ggplotA helper function for plotting two global envelopes into a...
unscaled_envelopeUnscaled envelope test
weigh_both_sidesWeigh a matrix or a vector with two different coeffs...
weigh_curvesMultiply by a coefficient.
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