Man pages for myominnoo/mStats
Tools for data management and statistical analysis

clearClean Global Environment, Plots and Console
dayDay from a Date
diagTestStatistics of Diagnostic Tests
duplicatesTag, report, delete or keep duplicate observations
egenAn extension to generate function
expand2Duplicate observations within a dataframe
formatDateFormat Dates
generateCreate a new variable
ilogEcho a copy of console to log file
keepKeep or lose variables and pick rows
labelValuesManipulate labels
labelVarsManipulate labels: Label variables or dataframe
modelDisplayReport parameters from regression models
modelFitRegression models, reporting overall significance of the...
monthMonth from a Date
printTextSupport Print Functions for mStats package
recodeRecode contents of a variable
renameRename variable
scoreCICalculate confidence intervals by the Wilson Score method
strateCalculate incidence rates from time-to-event data
summNumber Summary for numerical data
summByNumber summary grouped by a factor
xtabCross tabulation, contigency table or two-by-two table
yearYear from a Date
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