Testthat Starter Repository

Copy this repository to get started with automated testing in R.


Source code is found in the R/ directory.

Tests are found in the tests/testthat/ directory.

To run the tests, run R in the directory of the package. Then from the repl run:

> library(devtools)
> devtools::test()

You can use this repository as a way to painlessly test some of your code. Just add your own functions and tests to the existing files, or add new files in the appropriate directories.

View this guide to testthat by Hadley Wickham for more information on how to get set up with testing in R.

Practice Test Driven Development

The caeser cipher function has a single test and only enough functionality to pass that test.

Practice TDD by adding tests one at a time and editing the function code to pass them iteratively.

This is an introductory repository to go with an automated testing in R talk to JHU biostats computing club on 18 October 2016.

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