Man pages for n8thangreen/treeSimR

assign_branch_valsAssign Branching Values to Decision Tree
assign_branch_valuesWrapper to Assign Branching Values to Decision Tree
calc_expectedValuesCalculate Expected Values for Each Node of Decision Tree
calc_pathway_probsCalculate Total Pathway Probabilities of Decision Tree
calc_riskprofileCalculate Risk Profile
costeffectiveness_treeConstructor for a Cost-Effectiveness Tree Object
decisionCalculate Optimal Decision
fill_in_missing_tree_probsFill-in Missing Tree Probabilities
get_sd_from_normalCIGet Standard Deviation from Normal Confidence Interval
get_start_state_proportionsGet Start State Proportions
meanNodeUniformMean of a data.tree uniform node
means_distributionsMeans values from distributions
MoM_betaMethod of Moments Beta Distribution Parameter Transformation
MoM_gammaMethod of Moments Gamma Distribution Parameter Transformation
MonteCarlo_expectedValuesMonte Carlo Forward Simulation of Decision Tree
MonteCarlo_n.tb_screenMonte Carlo samples of number of TB cases after screening
myPruneFunPrune Tree
NodelabelNode label
payoffCalculate Weighted Expectations
print.costeffectiveness_treePrint Method for Cost-Effectiveness Trees
rpertSample from Beta-PERT Distribution
sample_distributionsSample from Standard Distributions
sampleNodeSample a data.tree Node
sampleNodeUniformSample a data.tree uniform node
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