Man pages for nacnudus/registr
Use the UK Government Registers API

blank_tibbleConstruct a zero-row tibble with given column names
maybe_parse_iso_8601Parse ISO8601 strings as datetimes or characters
missing_col_namesReturn column names missing from a data frame
pipePipe operator
rr_apply_datatypeApply registers-style datatypes to fields
rr_curieList registers linked to by CURIEs
rr_indexIndex a register by CURIEs
rr_keyList registers linked to by key fields
rr_linksLinks between registers
rr_parse_curieParse a CURIE into prefix and reference
rr_recordsA snapshot of records from given entries
rr_registerDownload a register
rr_registersDownload all registers from an environment
rr_resolveResolve links in registers
rr_rsfDownload a register RSF file
rr_snapshotA snapshot of a whole register
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