Man pages for nacnudus/unpivotr
Unpivot Complex and Irregular Data Layouts

as_cellsTokenize data frames into a tidy 'melted' structure
beheadStrip a level of headers from a pivot table
directionDirections from data cells to headers
enheadJoin data cells to headers
isolate_sentinelsMove sentinel values into a separate column leaving NA behind
justifyAlign one set of cells with another set
merge_cellsMerge cell values into a single cell by rows or columns
packPack cell values from separate columns per data type into one...
partitionDivide a grid of cells into partitions containing individual...
purposeSense-of-purpose in the 2014 New Zealand General Social...
rectifyDisplay cells as though in a spreadsheet
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
spatterSpread key-value pairs of mixed types across multiple columns
tidy_tableTokenize data frames into a tidy 'melted' structure
unpivotr-packageUn-pivot complex and irregular data layouts.
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