Man pages for nancyorgan/demogromatics
Useful functions for using US Census Bureau shapefiles and data.

acs5.2011.blockgroupBlock-Group Level American Community Survey 5-Year Data from...
acs5.2011.countyCounty Level American Community Survey 5-Year Data from 2013
acs5.2011.stateState Level American Community Survey 5-Year Data from 2013
blockgroup.dataBlockgroup-level Decennial Census data
census.2000.bg2000 Block Group Data (deprecated)
county.dataCounty-level Decennial Census data
download.shapefilesBatch downloads, unzips, and processes TIGER shapefiles....
FIPS.findFinds FIPS code for a given latitude and longitude
mapquest.geocoderMapquest Geocoder Geocodes street addresses to latitude,...
process.api.dataPuts json data into a usable format.
process.shapefilesProcess TIGER shapefiles Process shapefiles into a usable...
SES.indexBlockgroup-level Decennial Census data
state.dataState-level Decennial Census data
tract.dataTract-level Decennial Census data
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