Man pages for nanxstats/liftr
Containerize R Markdown Documents for Continuous Reproducibility

addin_liftRStudio Addin: Containerize R Markdown Document
addin_lift_render_dockerRStudio Addin: Containerize and Render R Markdown Document...
addin_prune_danglingRStudio Addin: Remove Dangling Container + Image
addin_prune_imageRStudio Addin: Remove the Built Docker Image
check_docker_installCheck if Docker was Installed
check_docker_runningCheck if Docker Daemon is Running
install_dockerInstallation Helper for Docker Engine
liftContainerize R Markdown Documents
liftr-packageliftr: Containerize R Markdown Documents for Continuous...
prune_all_autoRemove Docker Containers, Images, and Networks
prune_containerRemove Specific Docker Containers
prune_container_autoRemove Dangling Docker Containers
prune_imageRemove Specific Docker Images
prune_image_autoRemove Dangling Docker Images
render_dockerRender Containerized R Markdown Documents
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