Man pages for naolsen/simm.fda
Simultaneous inference for Misaligned Functional Data

AfktCreate negative binomial
align_data_plotPlot aligned data
arm_data_exampleArm movement data
BrownBrownian motion and Brownian bridge
default_warp_covBrownian Bridge warp covariance
diag_covarianceDiagonal covariance
isplineGenerate increasing spline basis
kovMatDynamical covariance structure
likelihood.edLikelihood in ED models
likelisLinearised likelihood functions.
make_basis_fctGenerate basis function
make_basis_fct_oldGenerate B-spline basis function
make_dyn_covParametrize dynamical covariance structure using Cholesky...
make_fourier_basisGenerate Fourier basis function
make_homeoProject warping parameters onto the set of values that...
make_warp_fctGenerate a warping function
MaternkMatern covariance
MatInterpolateInterpolate matrices
mvMaternMultivariate Matern covariance
mvOUprocesMultivariate OU process
nlm.boundBounded optimization using nlm
order2_covarianceSecond-order derivative covariance
OUprocesOrnstein-Uhlenbeck process
poly.bridgePolynomial bridge
poly.largerPolynomial 'bridge' of arbitrary order
poly.MaternMatern covariance and bridge timefunction
posterior.likPosterior likelihood
ppMultiSimultaneous inference for Misaligned Multivarariate...
ppMulti.emppMulti with update steps using EM algorithm
predict_warpsEvaluated warp functions
shift_covarianceSimple one-parameter covariance for pure shift
simfd.edSimultaneous inference for misaligned functional data in an...
Spline_weightsSpline weights
TidsfunktionerTemporal covariance structures
timefunction.bridgeTimefunction and bridge
warp_and_shift_covBrownian Bridge warp covariance + shift parameter
w.shiftCreate shift-&-warp function
ZiJacobian of warped B-spline function
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